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We can do a broad range of castings in different materials like grey iron, alloys, mild steel grades and spheroidal graphite iron. The high-level of know-how of our qualified suppliers is the basis for our success. As a complete supplier, we cover the production and further processing of castings along the complete value chain which gives us a unique proposition to deliver high security with our products.

The most important value addition for our business partners is a one-stop service from concept to delivery. We possess the necessary knowledge to offer our clients casted products of the highest quality and according to highly diverse needs.

We have in-house engineering skills for product development, construction of patterns, tools and dies, foundry, heat treatment, CNC Machining, surface treatment and an on-site laboratory to perform non-destructive inspections and mechanical testing to give a unparalleled control over product quality at each stage.

Ferrous & Non Ferrous Castings

We have the capabilities in ferrous castings i.e. Spheroidal Graphite Iron, Grey Iron, Alloy Steels and Mild Steel grades. We understand the process and control the value chain here from Melting, Molding, Sand Plant, Core Manufacturing, Shell Molding and other secondary operation like Thermal Processing (Heat Treatment), Mechanical Processing (CNC Machining) and surface treatment wherever required.

Gravity Die Casting

In gravity die casting molten aluminum is poured into a metallic tool. The casting temperature is about 750°C. The tolerances and surface finish are good. Gravity die casting method is competitive casting method when production quantity is relatively small or when heat treatment is needed to improve the mechanical properties. This casting method gives better tolerances and surface finish than sand casting.

The tooling costs are somewhat higher than by sand casting. GDC is suited for medium to low volumes products and typically parts are of a heavier sections than HPDC, but thinner sections than sand casting.

Gravity Die Casting is one of the best processes for fully mechanized castings; producing smooth, well spaced and precise parts. We can Cast & Heat Treat all the available grades according to International Standards. We have in-house SCADA Controlled Drop Quenched Furnace for Aluminum parts. At presently we are casting LM6, LM9 AISi10, AISi12, AISi10Mg.

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum is cast at a temperature of 650 ºC (1200 ºF). It is alloyed with Silicon 9% and Copper about 3.5% to form the Aluminum Association 380 alloy (UNS A03800). Silicon increases the melt fluidity, reduces machinability, Copper increases hardness and reduces the ductility. By greatly reducing the amount of Copper (less than 0.6%) the chemical resistance is improved; thus, AA 360 (UNS A03600) is formulated for use in marine environments. A high silicon alloy is used in automotive engines for cylinder castings, AA 390 (UNS A03900) with 17% Silicon for high wear resistance.

High Pressure Die Casting

In this process, the liquid metal is injected at high speed and high pressure into a metal mould.

The product finish is very good and smooth making it ideal for several application where product aesthetics are equally important as the product quality.

We can Cast & Heat Treat all the available grades according to International Standards.